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JProperties is a family and community oriented company with our home base located in Harford County, MD.   Our mission is to give everybody quality, affordable, hands on property management.”  

J Properties is a full-service property management company, owned and operated by Harford County local, Jason Bennett. He is also a licensed real estate agent in the area and a house flipper. He does it all!  

Jason was working a job printing newspapers in his early 20s, when he suddenly got sick. Unable to go to work and the eventual closing of the print shop, left him without an income. With three young children to raise and now out of work, he needed to find a way to provide for his family. He picked up the phone and called a familiar face, Paul Diggs, the man that previously showed him properties. He had a passion for real estate and wanted to learn the ropes. Over lunch, his former agent had decided to become his mentor.  


It was a blessing in disguise the way everything played out with the printing press closing down,” Jason claimed. As an intern at Powerhouse Realty, he was in charge of managing properties. He received his big break when one day there wasn’t an agent to go show a rental property. Still getting his feet wet in the realty business, he went, nervous and unsure of what exactly he was going to say to sell this property to the client. After the showing, Jason returned to his boss with a signed lease. And that was when he knew he was where he was supposed to be.  

His internship paid for his real estate license, and once that company was sold, he created J Properties. Jason spends a lot of time giving back to his home communities, Edgewood and Joppatowne. He organized the first Christmas tree drive last year collecting and delivering over 50 trees to families in need. He is involved in the community recreational programs and continues to be a mentor for young adults. “Here at J Properties, our mission is to give everybody quality, affordable, hands on property management.”  


Jason Bennett


Coldwell Banker Realty

Senior Property Manager 

J Properties LLC


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